Adirondack Chair Plans

I’ve scoured the internet for Adirondack chair plans and one thing has become very obvious – there simply aren’t many around (and the ones I did find were pretty much unusable)!

NOTE: This page was last updated on Saturday 12th of March 2016

At first I expected to be able to download a plan directly from Google, but I soon learned that the only thing I could really find in Google were images, not specific dimensions as most people need.

I did find a few blueprints but the quality was terrible (barely readable) and I really didn’t think they’d be much use to me or other hobby builders and “DIYers”.

Not only was the quality of the “free plans” poor, but they didn’t have step by step instructions, they were literally just a 2D plan on paper…not exactly user friendly.

Good News!

The good news is that while you’ll struggle to “stumble upon” quality Adirondack chair plans, there are a couple of places you can get them for a reasonable price.

Here are the 2 places that stood out most:

IMPORTANT: It’s important that you know that the two websites mentioned above aren’t specifically about building Adirondack chairs. In addition to Adirondack plans, they also provide hundreds of other furniture plans as well as a massive selection of related DIY woodworking plans.

CONSIDERATION: Adirondack Chair Variations

This popular chair can actually be built as a rocking chair or a two-seater chair!

While most people do prefer the classic Adirondack chair, the rocking chair and the two-seater are great alternatives. You might even want to build a set of chairs that includes one of the classic variations.

NOTE: Teds Woodworking includes not 1, but SIX different documents designed to ensure that building your Adirondack chair is easy and stress free, regardless of your level of woodworking experience.


Regardless of how you eventually go about building your Adirondack chair, make sure you REINFORCE all joins using carpenters glue!

Not only will this make your chair stronger, it’ll also make your chair last longer as well.

After you’ve applied the glue, be sure to wipe all excess glue off the chair using a cloth before it has time to dry.

Find Out More…

The information I’ve provided on this page will definitely save you a few hours but it won’t get your chair built.

What I recommend you do now is to go and check out Ted’s Woodworking to find out more, how much it costs, and exactly what it includes:

Click Here To Visit Ted’s Woodworking Website 

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  1. Craig says:

    Hi Aidan, thanks for the info. How many adirondack plans are actually included in Ted’s pack?

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