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If you’re considering building a bookcase, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

By taking just a couple of minutes to read this page, I promise you you’ll save a heap of time and wasted energy.

I’m going to reveal the place you can download not 1, but 17 different HIGH QUALITY bookcase plans.

IMPORTANT: Read This First…

When I first searched online for woodworking plans, I expected to be able to download the blueprints immediately for free, and get started with them immediately.

I quickly discovered that the plans I could download were few and far between. Not only that, but the ones I was able to download were JUNK (no measurements, in strange formats that I couldn’t print etc).

It was a real disappointment initially.

I eventually did find a solution however.

Then I Found 17 Different Bookcase Plans…

After plenty of frustration and hours of searching, I stumbled upon some quality woodworking plans, and in particular, plans for building bookcases.

Here are the 2 websites I found:

  1. Teds Woodworking (The #1 international seller of woodworking plans in 2011*)
  2. Woodworking 4 Home

I didn’t know it at the time, but the two products above are the most downloaded set of woodworking plans on the internet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither of the products mentioned above specialize in JUST bookcase plans. Ted’s Woodworking does have an extensive range of plans however, 17 in total.

Carpenters Tip: Wood Selection

The wood you use will have a BIG impact on what your bookcase ends up looking like. I recommend you take a trip to your local furniture store and find the color or style you want to replicate.

Ask the salesman what type of wood is used in the piece of furniture you like, and then buy that wood. If the wood has been stained, find out about the stain color as well.

For a formal bookcase, I recommend using a cherry plywood for it’s subtle grain patterns.


Make perfect holes.

For your bookcase to look professionally built, you’ll need to be extra careful when drilling the holes.

Accuracy is extremely important. I recommend that you use a punch or a self-centered doweling jig for drilling the holes.

Next Step: Find Out More…

Hopefully you’ve found the information above useful. The tips are great, but the only thing that’ll actually get your bookcase built, is taking action!

What I suggest you do is check out the 17 bookcase plans I mentioned above. You’ll be able to find out exactly how much they cost (they’re not expensive so don’t worry), what they include and much more.

You can even download the plans risk free as there is a 60 day “no questions asked” money back period.

Click Here To Learn More

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* Teds Woodworking was the #1 selling woodworking plan guide in the Clickbank Marketplace in 2011. It’s widely recognized as being the most thorough and complete collection of woodworking plans available.

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2 Responses to “Bookcase Plans”

  1. Brad says:

    Hi, just wondering if Ted’s Woodworking includes a BOM listing out each piece I’d need to build the book case?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Brad, yes bills of materials (BOM’s) are provided but not for every single plan (keep in mind there are literally THOUSANDS of plans).

      The classic bookcase for example, has a materials list detailing 26 different parts (with sizes as well) and also 8 different hardware supplies required.

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