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Bunk Bed PlanWhat did a recent poll tell us about what our visitors rate as the most USEFUL woodworking project they’ve completed?


If you’re considering building a bunk bed, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

NOTE: This page was updated on Friday 11th of March 2016

In addition to revealing the best place to get bunk bed plans, I’ll also give you a few tips that’ll most likely save you a few headaches when you actually start building your bunk bed.

The Best Place to Get Bunk Bed Plans

If you’re like me when I first started woodworking, then you’re probably hoping to be able to download a blueprint and step by step guide to building a bunk bed for free.

The unfortunate reality is however that the free bunk bed plans that I found when I searched in Google are very disappointing. I found several that had measurements but none of them gave step by step instructions, they certainly weren’t user-friendly, and I had no way of downloading and printing the plans.

I eventually did find a solution however.

I Finally Found Some QUALITY Woodworking Plans

Eventually I found some quality woodworking plans, and in particular, plans for building bunk beds.

Here are the two most popular places people download their woodworking plans:

  1. Teds Woodworking (The #1 international seller of woodworking plans in 2011*)
  2. Woodworking 4 Home

IMPORTANT NOTE: The two products listed above aren’t products dedicated to only bunk bed plans. In addition to the bunk bed plans, they also contain hundreds of other plans and many other bed plans as well.

Builders Suggestion: Add Under-Bed Storage!

An easy way to make your bunk bed even more functional is to add under bed storage. With the right plan, it’s not difficult to add a couple of drawers or cupboards underneath your bunk bed.

In addition to being functional and giving you more storage space, incorporating drawers or a cupboard underneath your bunk bed will also help keep the room tidy and clean.


It’s inevitable that some parts of the timber you’re using to build your bunk bed will look better (visually) than other parts.

Before you start cutting the timber to the required lengths, use a pencil to mark out any visual defects and try to plan which parts of the timber will be used for the front of the bunk bed.

Find Out More…

Hopefully you’ve found the tips and suggestions I’ve provided on this page to be useful…they won’t get your bunk bed built however.

What I recommend you do now is to go and check out Ted’s Woodworking to find out more, how much it costs, and exactly what it includes. You can get all the information here:

Click Here To Visit Ted’s Woodworking Website 

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* Teds Woodworking was the #1 selling woodworking plan guide in the Clickbank Marketplace in 2011. It’s widely regarded as the most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans available.

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  1. Dave C says:

    Hello -

    Quick note to say I feel bunk beds are the way to go for making the most of available space with a growing family.

    I checked out Ted’s bunk bed plans and found them to be quite comprehensive. I’m glad I bought the package, as there are a few other projects I’d like to start next.

    I hope my wife likes the sound of my table saw.


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