Carport Plans

If you’re looking for carport plans, then I’ve got some good news for you, as well as some bad news…

Let me start with the bad news…

MOST Carport Plans Online Are A RIP-OFF!

I’ve spent days scouring the internet to find out the best places to get quality carport plans. What I found shocked me…check out the costs of some typical plans offered by rip-off websites:

Rip-Off #1 – Carport Plans for $200.00

Carport Plan Ripoff

Rip-Off #2 – Carport Plans for $200.00

Free Carport Plans

Paying $200 for some basic carport plans is NOT a good deal in my opinion, it is however normal to find these kind of prices online.

Free Carport Plans

More bad news…not many free carport plans exist and 99% of the ones I was able to find were really really bad. Many didn’t have a full set of dimensions and none provided quality step by step DIY procedures.

The GOOD News…

I did eventually manage to find some websites that DID offer good quality carport plans. The plans weren’t free, but they weren’t expensive either.

IMPORTANT: It’s important that you know that the two websites mentioned above don’t specialize in carports. In addition to providing a range of carport plans, they also provide hundreds of other furniture plans as well as a massive selection of related DIY woodworking plans.

Builders Tip:

Something many builders recommend is to use a galvanized post bracket set into concrete as opposed to setting the carport posts directly into the concrete. The main benefit is that it’ll raise the post of the ground and minimize the chance of rotting.

Builders Tip #2:

Consider attaching diagonal trellis to the side (and end) of the carport and planting a climbing plant at the base. This is an easy way to add extra shelter to your carport and to help it blend in with the yard and garden.

Where To Get Cheap Carport Plans

Ted’s Woodworking is the most comprehensive set of carport plans I’ve found.

Not only does Ted provide some quality carport plans, but they’re also at very affordable prices and come with a money back guarantee as well.

I highly recommend you check out Ted’s website now to find out all the details (you’ll be surprised by how cheap his plans are!):

Click Here To Visit Ted’s Woodworking Website

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